Friday, September 13, 2013

How to avail of Senior Citizen discounts?

Based on personal experience with my mom, a senior citizen is entitled to certain benefits - 20% discount on medicines and fare, 5% on food and groceries. At least that's how it is here in the Philippines. Availment would also sometimes differ depending on the establishment.

Here's a list of what's needed to be able to avail discounts:
- Senior Citizen ID
- Medicine purchase slip
- Doctor's presription
- Authorization letter and ID (for cases where a representative does the purchase on behalf of the senior citizen)
Note: Maximum that can be purchased is up to 1 month's use.

- Senior Citizen ID
- Purchase booklet (depending on the town where the senior citizen belongs to, he/she is given a booklet that covers both fresh (meat, fruits, veggies) and other categories (milk, canned goods, etc.) or just either, falling under "Basic Necessities and Prime Commodities")
Tip: Certain establishments no longer give discounts to promo packs. However, they still allow earning of points with their loyalty card. Or vice versa. Either way, just make sure you get to at least avail either, if not both.

Tip: Choose a single meal that two persons can share (e.g. a 2-pc. or overloaded meal), upgrade to a large or juice drink, soup, dessert. Ask for an extra plate and glass with ice and you're good to go. With it, the senior citizen discount is availed and you're able to save more.

With the current minimum fare of Php 7.50, jeepney drivers should no longer find it hard to automatically apply the discount. Yet, most of the time they don't.

Tip: Prepare Php 6 so there'll be no need for change. Or if the senior citizen has a companion, go for the nearest "rounded-off minimum fare" total.
(A ride that costs Php 10, Php 9.50 in actual)
Senior Citizen - Php 7.50
Companion - Php 9.50
TOTAL Php 17.00 (you could just pay Php 18.00 so the driver will no longer contest the breakdown, anyway the discount is still availed of)

Don't hesitate to ask other establishments if they offer discounts even if you initially think that they don't. Sometimes they apply discounts on selected items like some cakes on bakeshops.

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